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Oval Cut Dendritic Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

Oval Cut Dendritic Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

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This oval cut dendritic quartz ring set in sterling silver is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the natural beauty of quartz with the unique patterns of dendritic inclusions. The centerpiece of the ring is the oval-shaped dendritic quartz stone, which features intricate patterns resembling branching or ferns that are formed by mineral deposits within the stone.

The sterling silver setting of the ring is designed to highlight the beauty of the dendritic quartz stone. The simple and elegant style of the setting draws attention to the stone while providing a secure hold. The wide tapered band of the ring is both stylish and comfortable to wear, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear or special occasions.

The oval cut of the dendritic quartz stone creates a flattering shape for the finger, elongating the hand and providing a sophisticated look. The combination of the natural beauty of the quartz and the unique patterns of the dendritic inclusions make this ring a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

This oval cut dendritic quartz ring set in sterling silver is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that will make a statement wherever it is worn. Its natural beauty and elegant design make it an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural materials and wants to add a special piece to their collection.

Stones Measure- Dendrite 19x15mm

Set in Sterling Silver

US womens size 7 

*For Sizing Please Refer to my Sizing Page

All jewelry is handcrafted by me in my home studio. Focused on using only the highest quality materials and natural gemstones. Due to the handmade nature of this item, each piece is unique & the variations are considered part of the beauty of the design. Buying handmade means that you are supporting a craft and design community.

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