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Chrysocolla, Emerald & Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Chrysocolla, Emerald & Diamond Cuff Bracelet

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Introducing our breathtaking Chrysocolla, Emerald, and Diamond Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver—a true masterpiece that marries the captivating allure of chrysocolla, the vibrant green of emeralds, and the timeless brilliance of diamonds. This extraordinary piece of jewelry is a testament to the natural beauty of gemstones and expert craftsmanship, all elegantly encased in lustrous sterling silver.

At the heart of this captivating cuff bracelet is a magnificent chrysocolla gemstone, prized for its soothing blue and green hues reminiscent of tranquil waters. The chrysocolla is expertly cut and polished to showcase its mesmerizing patterns, creating an exquisite focal point that radiates serenity and sophistication.

On either side of the chrysocolla are vibrant emeralds, each one carefully selected for its rich, green color and exceptional clarity. These emeralds add a touch of vivid elegance to the bracelet, their exquisite round cuts glistening with a vibrant allure that complements the chrysocolla beautifully.

To further enhance the bracelet's opulence, a scattering of brilliant diamonds adorns the sterling silver cuff. These diamonds are meticulously set, their radiant sparkle adding a touch of timeless glamour to the overall design. Their presence makes this bracelet equally suitable for special occasions or as an everyday statement of sophistication.

The sterling silver cuff itself is a work of art, featuring a high-polish finish that complements the gemstones' natural beauty. Its open design ensures comfortable wear on various wrist sizes, offering both elegance and adaptability.

Whether you're dressing up for a special event or looking to add a touch of refined luxury to your everyday attire, this Chrysocolla, Emerald, and Diamond Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver is the epitome of elegance. It embodies the allure of chrysocolla, the vibrancy of emeralds, and the timeless sparkle of diamonds, making it a symbol of sophistication that reflects your unique style and grace.

Embrace the enchanting beauty of chrysocolla, the vibrancy of emeralds, and the sparkle of diamonds with this extraordinary cuff bracelet—a piece that captures the essence of your individuality and elevates your jewelry collection with its captivating charm. Let its radiant elegance shine as a symbol of your impeccable taste.

Stones measure-Chrysocolla 13x10mm, Emerald 2mm, Diamond 1mm

Set in Sterling Silver

Bracelet is a US womens Sml-Med

*For Sizing Please Refer to my Sizing Page

All jewelry is handcrafted by me in my home studio. Focused on using only the highest quality materials and natural gemstones. Due to the handmade nature of this item, each piece is unique & the variations are considered part of the beauty of the design. Buying handmade means that you are supporting a craft and design community.

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